Faktia - renewing expertise

Renewing expertise

Faktia is an educational center for adults, improving their professional expertise and educating experts for business, service and industrial branches. Key services we offer are qualifications of different kind, updating education, certificates and personnel training for companies and general governments.

Our company was established in 1971 and operates in four cities in Finland. Faktia serves annually circa 4000 adults who visit our places of businesses in Forssa, Loimaa, Espoo and Turku to renew their expertise.

We have circa 70 employees and a turnover of 6 million euros. Adults can complete more than 60 different vocational qualifications, varying from elementary to professional or special professional. Furthermore, with us it is possible to complete several certificates and permits, as well as get training for one’s work community for business life. Faktia works as co-operational educator for companies in all of Finland. The company is headquartered in Forssa and is also posted in Espoo, Turku and Loimaa.

Regional developer

Faktia plays an active role in developing economic life, particularly in our key working area, Forssa. The region’s strategy of industrial and commercial activity is based on environmental friendly operations and sustainable development; so called use of common sense in eco-friendliness. The aim is that in the near future the region will produce more and more diverse set of ecological products and services. Furthermore, the citizens, companies and decision-makers will understand the environmental effects of their actions and commit to being eco-friendlier.

Our course of action

Our way of working both internally and with our clients and partners is based on our values: customer orientation, being an expert, and adjusting quickly to changes. Taking care of the quality of our operations, ensuring safety at work and protecting nature are important tasks for each and every person in our work community.

Each of us works for our clients. We wish to offer our adult students versatile opportunities for an individual learning process, and a chance to improve the skills needed in work life. To companies, we offer companionship to promote their success; companionship that is based on our work-life-orientation and up-to-date expertise.

As an employer Faktia is systematic, result-oriented and equal. We will take responsibility for our actions and take care of our own, encouraging our employees also to constantly improve their knowledge in their own field of expertise. The fluency of our working processes owns mainly thanks to our personnel’s skills and mutual co-operation.

We have set clear goals for our operation, and make sure to compare them regularly with what we have achieved. When evaluating and improving the quality of our education, we use the EFQM Excellence Model (formerly known as European Foundation for Quality Management) as help in systematic self-evaluation.

In the crane branch we have also in use a certificate that fulfills the ISO 9001 –quality confirmation standards. It has been in use since 1998.The certificate covers the education of drivers, mechanics and inspectors, as well as selling and consulting of the crane services.


Head Project Manager
Raija Salo
+358 40 3474263


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